About The Dallas A&M Club

The Dallas A&M Club is chartered by The Association of Former Students to serve the Aggie Network in all of Dallas County.  Much of the work of The Association is done through local A&M Clubs; these A&M Clubs form the foundation for many programs at The Association.

Local Activities

We coordinate all organized former student activity in Dallas County.  In addition, our club provides each former student in the area an opportunity to be a member, to add something to the group, and to receive something of value from the relationship.


We raise and provide scholarship funds for deserving students in the Dallas area who are attending Texas A&M!

2022 Dallas A&M Club Officers

Joe Brown '11


Josh McKay '17


Marytere Gingery '10

Immediate Past President

Mike Henderson '92

Vice President-Finance
Coach’s Night

David Lawhorne '86

Vice President-Operations

Blake Carr '21

Aggies for Dallas

Trey Marak '04

Crawfish Boil

Karsten Francis '15

Crawfish Boil

Nick Hallman '17

Golf Classic

Sarah Gilliam '20

Happy Hours

Rebekah Josefy '13


Misty Watkins '00


Patrick Flores '18

Social Activities

Christina Meaders '19

Social Media

Graylin Rhoades '21

Social Media

2022 Dallas A&M Club Board of Directors

Carl Baggett '96
Mike Baggett '68
Bill Carter '69
Riley Couch '71
Mike Henderson '92
Brant Ince '91
Patti Jaggars '83
David Lawhorne '86
Holly Pritchard Mahurin '95
McCrea Miller '95
Bill O'Dwyer '79
Jim Patterson '79
Courtney Crawford Slater '91
Misty Watkins '00